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Calendar, 120 pages with illustrations by Soghra M. Sadeghi and excerpts from her book, “Neuf vies.”

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Au fil des ans… (As the Years Go By)

A Perpetual Calendar for the Third Millennium: As the Years Go By…
As we enter the new millennium, it seems more important than ever to keep a record of the most significant phases or events in our lives.
Of course it is in the nature of time to pass inexorably, as elusive as the wind, flowing through our fingers like the ocean or the fine sand of a spare expanse of desert.
Still, it is up to each of us to keep the memory of time, to preserve its resonance, and transmit its essence, value, and depth to the loved ones who will continue along the road beyond us.
A perpetual calendar is not only a place to record birthdays; it can also serve as a treasure chest for our most precious moments, those high points in our lives that we cherish and would like to preserve more than anything.
Thus, if it is as the ancient proverb has it: “Time is the master of those who have no master,” let us prove to that sovereign—who can be both good-natured and tyrannical—that we know how to appreciate the true worth of every moment he offers us in the span of a lifetime.

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