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Invitation to a Dream

There can be no doubt that dreams pervade the artistic expression found in both painting and writing. With an inspired imagination, the truths we gather along the world’s byroads, and the passage back and forth from ordinary to extraordinary, confer a particular dimension upon the everyday and our lives.
Editions Asmara invites both young and old to savor the charms of existence reflected in these stories and paintings, as they express what is hidden in the hearts and souls of all men and women of good will.

An Inner Journey

Editions Asmara is the fruit of soul-nourishing travel. The journey one takes, or dreams of taking; the journey one shares, exploring a world on a human scale again, at last—or is it humans who are on the scale of the world? This passion for discovery, encounters, and tradition reflects an insatiable hunger for landscapes, people, and history. Editions Asmara cultivates the subtle art of pilgrimage through space and time, a mixture of reflection, beauty, and spirituality.


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