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Biography : half a century in a nutshell

Half Swiss, half Iranian, Soghra-Madeleine SADEGHI, a Swiss citizen, was born in 1960 in the United States (Kansas City, MO).
After living in the States for a few years, and spending over a year in Iran, her family moved back to Switzerland and settled down in Lausanne, located on the shore of Lake Geneva, in the French-speaking part of the country. Therefore, Switzerland is the country where Soghra went to school and later started her university studies to become a professional translator. Since her love of painting dates back to her childhood, she took courses in Art History while studying in various universities in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England and the States (Yale University, New Haven, CT).

After working as a freelance translator for 16 years, she worked for a decade as the Head of the Translation Department of a Swiss world-renowned hotel management school (EHL) located in Lausanne.

Although she has worked as a professional translator for nearly 30 years (French, English, Italian and Spanish), she has also always tried to go on painting and exhibiting.

As a self-taught artist, just like her mother, she has always dedicated time to painting. On top of regular exhibitions, she has also taken part in international painting contests and was presented in June 1993 with an Excellence Award for the quality of her artwork.

As she also always enjoyed writing, she wrote a book made up of nine short stories, illustrated with her paintings. This book was published in French, in 1998, under the title « Neuf vies » (Nine Lives) and acclaimed by the press both in Switzerland and in France. A perpetual diary (or birthday calendar) has then been derived from the book, as well as a series of 12 postcards.

At this stage of her life, Soghra - who raised her daughter single-handedly – is now dedicating her time mostly to artistic activities, as her aim remains to eventually have her entire life revolve around painting and writing.

Main exhibitions and publications

July 1991 :   Grand Prix International de Peinture à l’Eau,
Trégastel, Bretagne, France.
Jan. 1992 :   14th Salon International des Jeunes Artistes,
Galerie d’Arfi, Denges, Switzerland.
April 1992 :   Exhibition « CATS », Pully Museum of Art and History, Lausanne,
June 1993 :   15th Salon de Printemps, Galerie d’Arfi,
Excellence Award, Denges, Switzerland.
Nov. 1993 :   Exhibition, Galerie 56, Lutry, Switzerland.
* March 1994 :   birth of her child.
Nov. 1998 :   Publication of « Neuf vies » (« Nine Lives »), book written and
illustrated by S.M.Sadeghi, Editions Asmara, Lausanne, Switzerland.
* July 2000 :   a reckless driver crashed into Soghra’s car.
She needed over a full year to recover from the immediate physical consequences
of this car accident.
Sept. 2003 :   Publication of the « Dodecalogy », series of 12 postcards,
(full series of the « Cats from around the world »), Editions Asmara,
Lausanne, Switzerland.
Sept. 2005 :   Publication of « Au fil des ans » (« As the years go by »), a birthday calendar
called the « Perpetual Diary of the Third Millennium », Editions Asmara,
Lausanne, Switzerland.
May 2013 :  

Collective painting exhibition at the international art gallery, En Beauregard, Montreux, Switzerland.

Sept. 2013 :   Personal exhibition, Domaine de la Gracieuse, Lonay, Switzerland
Oct - Nov. 2013 :  

Personal exhibition, Restaurant L’Indécis, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Dec 2013
- Jan. 2014 :
  Personal exhibition, Grand Hôtel du Golf & Palace, Crans-Montana, Valais, Switzerland.
March 2014   Collective exhibition, Saint-Laurent Gallery,
Loèche-les-Bains, Valais, Switzerland
April 2014   International Spring Exhibition, Swiss Art Space,
Lausanne, Switzerland
May 2014   International Watercolor Exhibition, Swiss Art Space,
Lausanne, Switzerland
The above-mentioned publications have been widely acclaimed by the press and media both in Switzerland and in France. (2 pressbooks are available upon demand).

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