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Excerpt from Story Number VI : “The Keeper of her Dreams”

“Several months earlier, a young girl of the age of twelve or so had paid him an unexpected visit. She introduced herself as Yoko, then asked him to take a look at the bibelot she was hoping to sell. She wanted to know if he might be interested in the purchase of such a statuette, and immediately conveyed to the antique dealer that she was not naïve, that she would be showing the object to a number of different merchants before finalizing the transaction. For she was determined to sell it to the highest bidder. Young Yoko’s extreme self-assurance made Takahashi smile. As he watched her gingerly unwrapping her treasure, he could sense, deep down, that only a situation of extreme despondency could have brought the young girl to part with what must be her most precious possession. A magnificent ceramic cat emerged from the tissue papers, its expression gentle and serene; visibly it was very dear to the girl’s heart.

After examining the cat thoroughly, Takahashi made Yoko an honest, generous offer, and she thanked him. She answered politely that she would think about it, then she wrapped up her valuable object and bade the old man a timid farewell.

One week later, on a rainy afternoon, Yoko burst into the antique shop, soaked to the bone. The ringing of the seven bronze bells that hung from the front door roused Takahashi from the armchair where he was in the habit of taking a little nap.”






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